Meat Machine

Meat Machine is the name under which I have written and recorded music on my own since 2006. Most of the music is solo acoustic, and all of the recording is self-taught lo-fi.

Year Two

I started writing songs for Year Two in 2007; the album was intended as a followup to Interstate 80. However, many of the songs were never recorded to my satisfaction and the album as a whole remained in an unfinished state. Writing, recording, and re-recording for the album continued through 2009.

Album art was created by my friend Jon Goldy. Lullaby features Diana Caplan on cello, and Abbey Mondshein sang along to Foreign Language Appreciation.

Written and recorded 2007 - 2009
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Interstate 80

Interstate 80 was recorded in my bedroom after moving to California in 2006. It's a travelogue of my Westward migration.

Available in antiquated physical format upon request, with album art by my brother Zack Davis.

Written and recorded 2006
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Chords & Lyrics

A songbook of chords, tabs, and lyrics for almost every song I've written can be found here, along with additional downloads.

Kid Presentable

Kid Presentable was a punk-rock-noise-attack from 2001 until 2006.

Bass: Jon Flores
Drum: Guy Weltchek
Guitar: Jono Davis

Strong Kiddo

The ultimate KP album, Strong Kiddo was the closing chapter in a book of punk rock salad days. Painstakingly recorded and mastered in the Reznor basement in 2006.

Written and recorded 2006
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War on Wednesday

War on Wednesday was the first full album by Kid Presentable. It was jointly recorded at The Institute with Jonathan Saunders, and in the Reznor basement.

Written and recorded 2003
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Tour, 2006

Jamnesty, 2005

The Exterminatorrs

The Exterminatorrs was a short lived acoustic duet that formed and recorded in 2006.

Guitar / Vocals: Brittney Bullock & Jono Davis

Appetite for Destruction!

Appetite for Destruction! is the lone record of The Exterminatorrs, put to tape one warm summer evening in the Reznor basement.

Written and recorded 2006
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